Hoshi’s 1st day of class

Hoshi started his Fun-damentals of Obedience & Rally today. I made the mistake of not feeding him breakfast right before we left so he was begging and whining for treats throughout the class making him less than cooperative. I kept giving him treats just to keep him quiet. So far we didn’t cover anything new. We did sit, down, stand, stay, heel, about turn, left and right finishes, fronts and figure 8s. There were a lot more people in this class (8 I think). The instructors were completely opposite. One was a military type shouting commands the other soft spoken. I think it’s good having a variety of instructors with different teaching styles. They say we could work on a Companion Dog (CD) title if we are judged in 3 shows with passing scores. I don’t know if I’m up to showing. I’ll think about it.