Hoshi scared by neighborhood dog

There’s a small mutt who lives on the other side of our block. He chased Hoshi last night and scared him. It’s some type of Jack Russell mix about 35 pounds. I’ve seen the mutt before. He has a habit of jumping over his chain link fence and wandering the neighborhood. He came after Gabby before but seemed intimidated by Gabby. Gabby was much more muscular than Hoshi. Anyways, we were walking past this mutt’s house when he jumped the fence and went after Hoshi. I wasn’t sure what would happen and did nothing at first. Unfortunately, that mutt tried to bite Hoshi taking a mouthful of Hoshi’s fur. Hoshi yelped in terror as the mutt kept after him. I frightened the mutt off and he jumped over the fence into his back yard. I’m really not worried of the mutt harming Hoshi. I just don’t want him spooking Hoshi again. I’ll be ready next time and won’t let that mutt near Hoshi again.

Hoshi’s a lover not a fighter.