Adding store-bought food to Hoshi’s diet

Hoshi has been on a raw diet for eight years now. He does really well on it. His stools are well formed too. I prepare his food myself but it’s time consuming. I’ve decided to add a little store-bought food to his diet and save some time. I’ve been substituting a chicken thigh with ½ cup of dog food. He tolerates it well although his stools are slightly soft.

I’m using Castor & Pollux’s Organix right now but bought Merrick’s Backcountry and Canidae’s Pure Ancestral to try later. If he does okay, I might add more dry food to his diet to save even more time.

Castor & Pollux's Organix
Castor & Pollux
Merrick Backcountry
Canidae Pure Ancestral


Obedience training weeks 3-4

Training mat

Week Three: Lessons included “come.” Hoshi sits and few feet away then comes and sits at my feet facing me. Introduced “heel” taking a few steps then Hoshi sits at my side.

Week Four: Lessons included recall using long-lead. Practiced “stay.” Hoshi would stay until I came up to him and gave him a treat. “Heel” with me abruptly walking backwards then stopping–I would call Hoshi and have him turn around and sit at my feet facing me.

Obedience training week 2

Hoshi before class

I’m glad Hoshi’s class is air conditioned. I was worrying about taking class during summer. This week we practiced “come” with both of us facing each other. We also practiced “heel” taking few steps then stopping.

Hoshi in class
Hoshi before class