Hoshiko (Hoshi)

  • Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: January 3, 2009
  • Location: SE Michigan
  • AKC Name: Mister John Mallek Esq.
  • Links: Photobucket, Youtube, DoggySpace, twitter

Written in Japanese hiragana: ほしこ

  • ほ = ho (sounds like home)
  • し = shi (sounds like she)
  • こ = ko (sounds like comb)

Hoshiko entered our lives on April 3, 2009 exactly 3 months after his birth. He was a ball of energy from the first day I met him. My wife Cathy fell in love with him the moment she saw him. I originally was opposed to bringing home another cocker while Gabby was still alive. I was afraid Gabby would feel he was no longer loved. Gabby and Hoshi get along fine. We maintain Gabby’s privacy so the puppy doesn’t disturb his rest. They socialize together while outside. Hoshiko is Japanese for child star. We call him Hoshi too–that drops the child part of his name. Hoshi is very cute. Sometimes he reminds me of a llama. Other times, he reminds of a baby goat with that long scrawny neck, bony back, knobby legs and bobbed tail. He’s very playful. His kibble with fish oils give him “tuna breath.” Hoshiko will be loved just as much as our Gabby.

Hoshi's Pedigree
Hoshi’s Pedigree
Graduated from obedience school on August 26, 2009
Graduated from obedience school on 8/26/09
Canine Good Citizen test October 21, 2009
Canine Good Citizen test 10/21/09

Hoshi 1 Week Later

Hoshi Discovers the Refrigerator
Hoshi Discovers the Refrigerator
Gina emailed me and asked how our boy was doing. That was nice of her. He’s doing great. I just walked him and Gabby around the block. Hoshi is still getting used to the leash. I get dizzy watching this dog sometimes. He’s everywhere all at once. Hoshi wants to play with Gabby. Gabby doesn’t want to. He gives Hoshi a loud WOOF: Translation: Go away kid. You bother me!. He has a cute puppy voice–little yawns, cries, and growls. He loves to wake up Gabby from a sound sleep. We’ve been confining him to the family room and kitchen so Gabby can get some rest.

Hoshi must be part PIRANHA. Those lil teethies are busy 24 hrs a day. He gave me a love bite on the ear a few days ago. Hoshi just showed up at the refrigerator one day. I took a picture of him. He wants the shredded cheddar cheese.

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Hoshi Discovers Snow

Hoshi is getting better with the crate. He whimpered a little when I put him in last night but dozed off shortly after. We’ve been giving Gabby some rest time by using a pet gate. I think Hoshi is settling down and not so excited about Gabby. Last night, I was on the floor watching TV with Hoshi sleeping on my right and Gabby on my left.

It snow last night and Hoshi played in the snow this morning. I shoveled a path for him to potty in:

Hoshi going potty
Hoshi going potty

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Hoshi’s 3rd day

The baby did very well last night. He cried once. I got up and took him potty. He didn’t cry after that. I woke up this morning and Gabby was sleeping next to his crate. Hoshi’s been itchy but doesn’t have fleas. We have 2 cats and 2 other dogs. Everyone was treated last month with Frontline. We’ll keep an eye on him and see if his itchies get better. Hoshi spends most his time with my mom in the family room.

It’s been a quite Sunday here.

PS: The cats and other dog belong to my mom. Beanie, my mom’s dog, practically lives in his dog bed.

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Hoshi’s first 2 days

Yesterday afternoon we picked up Hoshi from Gina’s. Hoshi was all over Gabby the moment they met. The car ride was bumpy and Yoshi cried most of the way–peed himself too. Cathy just fell in love with Hoshi the moment she saw him. My mom really likes him too. She’s been spending a lot of time cuddling him. I think it’s good for her Alzheimer’s. Gabby’s feeling a little left out. I think he notices all the attention Cathy is giving the puppy. We made it up to Gabby by taking turns and scratching his rump which he loves. We’re crating Hoshi which we are not used to. I figured he would cry all night his first night away from home. He cried some last night but eventually stopped.

Today I woke up this morning and Gabby was sleeping next to his crate. I took Hoshi for his first walk today with Gabby. We walked past a house with big dogs barking their heads off. Hoshi was scared. Gabby didn’t even flinch. Gabby peed on them. Hoshi is learning to walk on a leash. Gabby wanted to go on a marathon but Hoshi wasn’t feeling good about it–all the new surroundings, dogs barking and dealing with a leash. I turned around and brought them home. Hoshi follows Gabby around like he’s a leader. I brought home an electric bouncing ball which Hoshi loved. He barked at it and jumped up and down but was afraid to attack it. Gabby viciously attacked it as soon as he saw it. I think Hoshi was impressed.

Hoshi prefers Gabby’s prescription hypoallergic kibble to his own puppy chow. Gabby prefers Hoshi’s puppy chow. 😛 It sounds like a heard of antelopes in the house. Hoshi is practicing his speed trials in the hallway.

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