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  1. Fill in your dog's name.  Much of our interpretation is based just on the name alone ;-)

  2. Select what type of bark your dog is making.  If you not sure select "I can't tell," then bring the dog near the computer and have him bark into our microphone.  Our sophisticated program can interpret your dog's bark.

  3. Click the analyze button and our program will analyze your dog's mood and thinking.


"I didn't know my dog needed to be fed until I used the Canine Communicator.  Dr. Gabby thanks for making such a great program!"

Signed Joe 

"I had no idea Max was pregnant!  We're so happy Max is expecting!  Thanks Dr. Gabby!"

Signed Betsy

"I can't believe I spent $130 dollars on the Bow-Lingual Dog Translator.  With the free Canine Communicator I now know when Lassie needs to go outside."

Signed Stan

About the Creator

 I've spent many years of research perfecting my Canine Communicator.  It all started when I had the urge for a roast beef sandwich.  I tried and tried to tell my human but he just didn't seem to understand.  Instead he took me outside to go potty.  Then the idea came to me a device that could allow canines to communicate their needs to humans.  While my human was asleep, I labored on the computer perfecting my program.  Now creation has come to fruition.


* The Canine Communicator was made by my cocker spaniel.  Don't you believe him.