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Name Laci
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1 1/2 years old
Location Minnesota (US)

Laci: (Laci) girl-was my early Birthday gift and I adopted her when she was only seven weeks old. I've grown up with Cocker Spaniels but have never had one of my own. I'm truly blessed to have Laci in my life she comes before everything in my life she brings me laughter and joy. I spoil her rotten! She has many interests and is very athletic. She loves to go boating, swimming, Frisbee, catch balls, long hikes, laci dress-up, car rides, play with her stuffed animals, chase Mom around, chase Maddi my parents dog, shopping at the pet stores etc. Has several nicknames "Ms. Pickles" is one of them because of her long tail! She has incredible spots all over I've tried counting all the spots but I have lost count. She is a spunky girl that always has a toy in her mouth. I'm so lucky to have her in my life! Laci Girl is my world and I love her so much!
Name Cookie
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 12 weeks
Location Brooklyn, NY (US)
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Cookie We purchased Cookie through breeders from Nebraska. Cookie's color is Buff with reddish ears. Cookie is now 3 months old and has been with us a month. Since then he has learned a few tricks and is very behaved. He is now almost fully potty trained, knows sit, lay down and stay. Even though he can be a handful at times, Cookie is a great dog!

John & Jamie
Name Rudy
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 5 months
Location Earth


Rudy: Rudy is as cute as they get! He is a 5 month old American Cocker spaniel who is full of life and energy! He won’t let us sleep and he “won’t be ignored”! He is a great conversationalist and sometimes he will carry on conversations with himself. I could not imagine life without Rudy and we know that with him our house is safe. He loves meeting new people and investigating new sounds. He has become strong as an OX and yet he is so playful! We got him at 7 weeks old from a breeder and it is definitely the best thing we have ever done! We now share a “new” best friend!

Dean and Donica


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