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Bella: 22.58%

Cooper: 26.88%

Jaxon: 4.30%

Autumn: 36.56%

Willy: 9.68%

Total Votes: 93

Name Bella
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 4 months
Location Chicago, IL (US)

Bella's Info

This is Bella, she was born on march 10th 2005 and is the cutest little girl. She is an american cocker spaniel and we live in Chicago, Illinois. 

She has got a great personality and her big brother is Buster who won one of your previous months competitions. They play all the time together and follow each other everywhere. They chase the ball together but she runs back with his ear in her mouth and he brings the ball!! She loves going for walks and loves meeting people, her favorite place to sleep is on the bed between the pillows with just her rear end peering out!! She is a wonderful puppy and i am just crazy about her. I hope you like her picture and her big blue eyes.

Many thanks

Name Cooper
Breed Cocker Mix
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location California (US)
Coopers's Info

We just recently adopted Cooper from a local rescue group. He was neglected and abused in his few months of life so he has fear issues. We adopted him as a friend and playmate for our 10 year old daughter. He has taken to her wonderfully, follows her everywhere and is becoming comfortable in his loving new home. He is a very friendly and lovable young man with loads of energy.   

Name Jaxon
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 4.5 months
Home page Dogstar
Location Detroit, MI (US)
Jaxon's Info

Jaxon is a happy puppy that has brought so much joy to our lives. He and his human sister romp and play in the backyard till the sun goes down. He has a very soft touch and doesn't nip. Everywhere we go people stop us, we call him Mr. Popularity because of it. He often knows when we are feeling low so he gives us lots of hugs, all the women in our family love him for this. 

Autum at 8 months
Name Autumn
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2 years old
Location Dickson, TN (US)
Autumn's Info

We purchased Autumn at 7 weeks old from a breeder in TN. She is very lovable and intelligent. She prefers to have many chew toys and bouncing balls to play with all day and crashes out in a deep sleep every night. The only problem we have is the snoring and her hogging the entire bed. 

Name Willy
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 3 years old
Location Lafayette, IN (US)
Willy's Info

Willy is such a character! He is a tri-colored intact male American cocker (not registered). I adopted him almost one year ago from the local humane society, where his fur was so matted an dirty that they didn't even know he was a cocker spaniel! But as soon as I saw him, I was hooked, he's got that unmistakable cocker face. His heart is so full of love it makes you wonder why anyone would abandon him so early in his life. He has become my best friend and loyal companion, helping me through some hard times in the very recent past with his endless kisses and snuggles. He plays with his adopted sister, my roommate's dog, Thalia (a chow mix) practically nonstop. He loves tennis balls, popcorn, and long naps. Willy will have a good home with me until his last day on this earth. He may not have been sired by champions, but to me he is a champion himself. We love each other very much.


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