Bath time came early

Just a couple weeks early I think. Cathy said he was stinky. He had been scratching too and I forgot when I applied his frontline. I’m pretty sure it’s been over a month according to sticker on the calendar. I have some insect bites on me. I think it’s fleas. I’m glad I bathed Hoshi because I found dried poo on his rear. It took a long time to get off–I let him soak for awhile. I’m sure he was uncomfortable. I noticed the day before him scooting on the floor.

Hoshi’s stools have been soft. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m giving him too many ham treats. Next time I trim him I’ll do a thorough job on his rear. Maybe that will help.

He’s becoming quite a “daddy’s dog.” Cathy says he looks for me whenever I’m not home and drives her crazy. We’ve been walking more lately. It’s almost been a year since I broke my foot. I’m still stiff when I first get out of bed. I can’t walk for miles (over 2) like I used to. My foot will hurt if I overdo it. Hoshi loves his walks! We see a bunny or two every evening.