Another quick bath

I have to say these quick baths aren’t 100% successfull. I had to give Hoshi a complete bath last week because they were on various parts of his body. Tonight I noticed flea dirt around his scrotum. I placed him in his tub and throughly cleaned the area with a warm soapy washcloth. I removed at least 2 fleas in the process because they were on the washcloth. It took 22 minutes to wash and dry the area. Hoshi can get another application of Frontline Plus in 4 days.

Difficulty sleeping is a clue there might be fleas. Hoshi kept scratching his bed last night trying to get comfortable. The flea dirt is a dead giveaway.

Fleas on washcloth after bath
Fleas after quick bath
fleas on washcloth after bath
Another view of fleas

Quick flea baths

Be sure to dispose of them. They might be alive.

I’ve been having good luck getting rid of fleas I find on Hoshi. I put Hoshi in his tub and wash his groin with a warm soapy cloth. It takes 10-20 minutes to wash and towel dry him.

I discovered fleas favor Hoshi’s genitals. That’s where I find them or flea dirt. Their speed makes them difficult to catch with a flea comb. I find baths work well on fleas but it’s time consuming bathing and drying off a long-haired breed.

The quick baths have been effective days and weeks later.

Gave Hoshi a bath

His bath was long overdue and I found a flea on him yesterday. I did the bare minimum trim to keep him cool and clean. One nail was especially long. They wear uneven. The others didn’t need trimming. I had to give him three treats just to trim that nail.

Pieces of Hoshi’s toenail demonstrating how long it was
So much trouble for one nail

Fleas even with Frontline Plus

It had only been 10 days since using Frontline on Hoshi and I noticed him scratching. I also noticed flea dirt and fleas on his scrotum during his trim yesterday so I used Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea shampoo on him. I’m not sure if the Frontline didn’t work or if he picked up more fleas outside. He’s seems comfortable now.

Bath time for Hoshi

I found a flea on Hoshi last week and decided he needed a flea bath. Hoshi’s in his summer cut. I notice when I blow dry him he has hundreds of little growths/moles all over his back. Two are the size of match head. I’ll keep an eye on them. Hoshi’s hair is so fine I get “splinters” in my hand from grooming him. I have to be careful and use a brush instead of my hand to clean the grooming table. One cocker is plenty when it comes to grooming. My back aches afterwards.