Bath Time

I just bathed Hoshi. I wanted to wait till later because it’s raining outside. He really hasn’t been scratching obsessively but I found one flea on him. Also, his skin is red and scaly by his belly. That’s were I found the flea. I didn’t give him a trim this time except for the inside of his ears. I did find some dark sores on his ears, chest and belly. I’m thinking they are from the fleas. I’ll keep and eye on them.

I’m getting really good and skinning chicken and sharpening our knives. Of course, I’m getting lots of practice. Hoshi is doing well on his raw diet. His stools are better overall then they were on his kibble diet. He’s still getting kibble in between his chicken thighs. It’s hard to tell but I think he’s gaining weight. Maybe more muscular too. I’m running to the store right now to buy some more chicken. I have some at home but it’s not unthawed yet.