gets facelift and blog

I’ve put this off for years but I’m finally updating so it look better to visitors. I’m in the process right now of updating the appearance of the site’s pages. I’ve also added a blog which you are reading at this moment. First, I’m updating the site’s pages with software I’m unaccustomed to. Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS5 is being used and it’s been a frustrating start for someone used to Microsoft’s Frontpage. The pages are being redone with a template and custom style. Second, I’ve added a blog to add updated information using software called WordPress. It took some doing but I managed to stylize the blog to fit the rest of the site’s style. In the meantime, I’ll keep updating pages on this site.


  1. The site and blog look great Manuel. Your doing an amaising job. Keep it up. Without this site, I would just be a cocker/poodle owner. With you all, I am owned by a cocker/poodle, and loving every minute of it. The only place I can talk about my Coco without someone rolling their eyes. LOL

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