Another quick bath

I have to say these quick baths aren’t 100% successfull. I had to give Hoshi a complete bath last week because they were on various parts of his body. Tonight I noticed flea dirt around his scrotum. I placed him in his tub and throughly cleaned the area with a warm soapy washcloth. I removed at least 2 fleas in the process because they were on the washcloth. It took 22 minutes to wash and dry the area. Hoshi can get another application of Frontline Plus in 4 days.

Difficulty sleeping is a clue there might be fleas. Hoshi kept scratching his bed last night trying to get comfortable. The flea dirt is a dead giveaway.

Fleas on washcloth after bath
Fleas after quick bath
fleas on washcloth after bath
Another view of fleas