Owning pets for all the wrong reasons

The disgrace of our homeless and neglected pet situation has to do with our reasons for wanting one. What’s your reason for wanting a pet? Hopefully, you want an addition to your family. Maybe you’re looking for a trusted companion. Sadly, most people don’t give much thought to wanting a pet. Wanting to appease a whiny child is not the right reason for wanting a pet. A puppy’s bond with its first owner is crucial and determines it fate. There’s a reason nature has made puppies and babies so irresistibly cute. It’s actually a survival mechanism. The behavior and appearance of puppies and babies bring about our instinctual need to care for them. I’m sure most of you will agree there’s no stronger bond than that between a mother and child. If a puppy isn’t able to form a strong family bond with its first owner chances are even less likely with subsequent owners. Indifference is the reason there are so many unwanted pets.

The 5 ways people see pets according to Rebecca Kimes:

  • Something to abuse (Michael Vick)
  • Indifference (Puppy Millers)
  • Just a pet
  • A member of the family
  • Soul companion

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