CCW Permit Holder Shoots Dogs

It happened in Miami, Florida.  George Doughty fired upon two loose dogs in his neighborhood; both belonging to his neighbor. One dog was fatally wounded while the pregnant Rottweiler survived.  Florida’s laws on concealed weapons are very clear.  You may only use a concealed weapon to protect yourself from “death or serious bodily harm.”  Was this the case or was this the result of a neighbor dispute?  Mr. Doughty said he fired on the two after they attacked him and his dog. The fact that Mr. Doughty had previously threatened to kill his neighbor’s dogs does not bode well either. Doughty made the threat after his own dog was attacked by the two.  Doughty said he would kill his neighbor’s dog’s if he saw them “walking around.”

As a CCW holder and dog owner myself, I don’t think Mr. Doughty acted in a prudent manner.  There’s only one purpose for using a concealed weapon and that is to protect your life.  There are many action’s Mr. Doughty could have taken instead:

  • Knowing that they had a history of running loose he could have avoided the area.
  • Ran away
  • Yelled at them or yelled for help

Also, assuming the dog’s were attacking him or his dog:

  • Used pepper spray
  • punched or kicked them

I see Mr. Doughty’s actions resulting as personal conflict with his neighbor.  I think he’ll have a tough time if his neighbor ever decides to take him to court.  Both my dog and I have been attacked numerous times out on walks and have always managed without the use of a firearm.  Just out of curiosity, what kind of injuries did Mr. Doughty sustain?  Was he treated at a emergency room?


Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Use of Deadly Force for Lawful Self-Defense

Original story:

NBC Miami: Walking Rottweiler Opens Fire on Charging Dogs

Animal research lab closed down

How would you feel if you knew a laboratory used by the makers of Frontline was shut down because of abuse? That’s exactly what happened. Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS) located in North Carolina was shut down after video of workers abusing animals became public. Bayer (advantix), Merial (Frontline), Sergeant’s and other companies used this lab to test their products. A black cocker spaniel named Sammy was among the 200 rescued from PLRS. Wake County’s ASPCA is providing Sammy and others medical care. They can tell he’s been traumatized as he cowers in fear from them.

Contact the SPCA of Wake County if you are interested in Sammy or the others.

Edit: The Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC also took 35 beagles which are available for adoption.