Fleas even with Frontline Plus

It had only been 10 days since using Frontline on Hoshi and I noticed him scratching. I also noticed flea dirt and fleas on his scrotum during his trim yesterday so I used Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea shampoo on him. I’m not sure if the Frontline didn’t work or if he picked up more fleas outside. He’s seems comfortable now.

Animal research lab closed down

How would you feel if you knew a laboratory used by the makers of Frontline was shut down because of abuse? That’s exactly what happened. Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS) located in North Carolina was shut down after video of workers abusing animals became public. Bayer (advantix), Merial (Frontline), Sergeant’s and other companies used this lab to test their products. A black cocker spaniel named Sammy was among the 200 rescued from PLRS. Wake County’s ASPCA is providing Sammy and others medical care. They can tell he’s been traumatized as he cowers in fear from them.

Contact the SPCA of Wake County if you are interested in Sammy or the others.

Edit: The Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC also took 35 beagles which are available for adoption.


Hoshi’s bath and haircut

I gave Hoshi a bath yesterday. He had been scratching (fleas I suspect) so I wanted to bath him before his Frontline treatment. I shaved him down again except for his ears. It’s been so hot lately so I figured he wouldn’t mind. I found a flea on him. I think we have rampant fleas in my area because we have so many rodents (squirrels, bunnies, ect.). Hoshi is just like Gabby and doesn’t like his front paws done. He growled every time I came near him with the scissors. He even begged–tried to get on me and lick me begging me to skip the paws. I let him have his way last trim but not this time. He slept like a baby afterwards. Those fleas must have worn him out.