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Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue (OBG) won Animal Rescue Site’s Shelter Challenge for the state of Virginia.  The prize included $1,000 dollars.  OBG won an additional $1,000 for gathering the most votes in a week.  OBG president Beth Bauer said, “We are incredibly grateful for our supporters who, with their dedicated votes, propelled us into the number one spot in Virginia and the top ten in the nation.”  OBG has won the Shelter Challenge three years in a row.

Do you know of a cocker in need?

Please contact me (see link at bottom of page) if you know of a cocker spaniel who is in need of assistance and I’ll gladly include it on our home page and on facebook.  It’s incredibly easy to add updates to our home page now.  Robin of Oklahoma Cocker Rescue had contacted me of a sad case before updating our home page.  The owner had died leaving a cocker spaniel named Mocha with no one to care for her.  She was brought in to a veterinarian to be put to sleep.  Reading her story motivated me to learn WordPress and update our home page.  It’s weeks later and I completely forgot to add Mocha’s story.  I have no idea of her fate.

Mocha: In need of help in Aurora, Nebraska

If you do contact me about a cocker in need, please include as much information as possible especially and contact email or phone number to be included with your story.  Also, social networks like facebook and Twitter are a great way to spread news fast.

Well intentions hinder cocker’s adoption

There’s a story about a cocker spaniel named Batista which is confusing to say the least. The SPCA in Kent county, Delaware sent out an email to various rescues about Batista because his food aggression made adoption challenging. A rescue named Canine Nation mistook Batista’s situation thinking he was in danger of being euthanized and included this in their listing. An Elsmere Delaware resident adopted him then placed him on Craigslist. Her intentions were good. She was fostering him then adopting him out again. Anyways, Canine Nation found out her plans and Batista is back at the Kent County SPCA and available for adoption.

Footnote: I also discovered another adoptable cocker spaniel at the Kent County SPCA. He’s a buff male. No other information is listed. See profile.

Fundraiser for Rudy

Rudy is one of Minnie’s pups. Minnie was pregnant and recued by Robin from a sad situation. Rudy was fortunately adopted to a loving family. Rudy tested positive for parvo virus after coming down with vomiting and diarrhea yesterday. He’s being treated at the vet and is expected to pull through. Robin is doing a fundraiser to help pay for his medical expenses. Fundraiser includes sale items on Robin’s site as well as a drawing for one of Polly portraits. See Robin’s thread for more details.

Picture of Rudy

Cockers In Need Fundraiser

Linda from Cockers In Need is holding “chip in” fundraiser to help pay for veterinary expenses for two new rescues.  Meet Kelly (block cocker) and Polly (Shih Tzu).  You can read about them on our forum.

Kelly & Polly

Persons whose donations are over $10.00 will receive a brain ball or crochet wash cloths.  See Linda’s thread for contact information.

Brain Ball
Brain Ball Dog Toy
Wash Cloth
Crochet washcloth