Hello From Frankie and Victoria


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This is my love frankie! I got him at a shelter in Sacramento Ca 2 years ago. They said he is 5 but he acted like a puppy still! He is my best friend!! 1. Do you all think he is mixed with something else besides cocker? 2. Everyone please reply with your pups and a short story about them
Hello Victoria and Frankie. Very cute! I have one 11 year old cocker spaniel. His info page is here:
Hello! What a beautiful dog. My Cocker Baxter is 13ish and still acts like a puppy! I got him from a rescue 4 years ago. He is the most loyal, joyful and clumsy dog I ever known. It's like having a pet panda, except less bamboo.
Hello and welcome! Your Frankie is a doll! From his picture he looks brown? I think he's a pure cocker no matter what color.
Hi, I'm Dizzy and I have one English Cocker, Callie. You boy looks a lot like her.
Hi there
Pumbaa here, I am 3 months old! I am an english tricolor cocker spaniel and I live in France.
My human had an American cocker a few years back. But now she has me! And another animal with a long tail that says Meow and won’t play with me 🙀
Pumbaa and Kat