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Hi! My name is Marissa. I’m glad to have found this forum.
I just adopted an older (7) male Cocker and although I’ve always worked in the animal welfare field doing behavior work, the Cocker Spaniel is a breed I do not know much about (working in shelters, we don’t see many of them and if or when we do- they adopt out quickly). I have been doing my research but I still have many questions & I’m hoping to educate myself!

Meet Onyx! Previously “Buddy” but I think Onyx suits him better (and I collect gemstones) he’s an amazing boy!
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I meant to add a little backstory. In the beginning of this year I had three older Pit Bulls and those were my babies and unfortunately the beginning of this year two of them passed back to back (within one week, it was awful, there are no words to truly describe the pain...and so fast) They passed of natural, geriatric reasons...Bristo first and then Zeke because he was so bonded to her followed right after; he was verbally saying to me I am ready to go to the rainbow bridge is well 💔 picture

That being said, it was just me an ole gal:

Her name is Belle and shortly after both passed Belle started to show signs of depression too, much like Zeke. Which was worrisome for many reasons- I couldn’t lose her too. So I started a hunt for the best match for her (and I) to help come out of the her depression. And Onyx showed up through a mutual rescue friend and the rest is history.
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