Hi All,

Welcome and happy holidays! We would love to see a picture of your new baby when you have the time.
Holly is a beautiful and lucky little girl. Happy New Year!!!
We are so blessed to have her. So far she is showing many of the traits of her Father which we are to believe is a working Cocker and the only trait we can see of her Mother (a Cavalier King Charles) is her size. Her Mother was tiny and Holly is tiny too. The vet who is charting her growth/health says if her continued growth stays the same she will grow to 9kg to adulthood which will be smaller than our much loved and now departed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Of course this is just an estimation but she certainly doesn't eat like a big dog.
I am finding her a challenge. Poo eating and digging is something I never experienced before with my Cavs along with boundless energy. My Cavs were so lazy but these challenges have been accepted and I'm working on for myself...not so much for Holly as I can't change her nature.
So far all is going well.
So true... poop eating is a nasty habit that many dogs have. Only way to stay ahead of it is to clean up immediately.