Hyperactive English Cocker Spaniel


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Hello Everyone,
I have a 3 year old English cocker spaniel which i have adopted from a private owner in which he was living in a cage. He was hyper active from the first day that i brought him home(have him 3 days now). How i should handle this? Any tips or suggestions maybe a training would make any difference? Should i wait a little bit longer? The thing is that in a day, i have walked him a lot, brought him with me at the doggy beach, played with the tennis ball and so on.
I imagine that he will calm down a lot, and, probably has already. After all being released from the cage must feel wonderful to him.
He's just very happy and excited. A new home, and freedom. But yes, why not get some training for the both of you. It would do
a world of good. And keeping him on a schedule also will help. Teach him how to play. Get him some toys.