Important! New forum tips


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I know you're going to have questions/problems when the time comes.

  1. Log out (if needed)
    • hover over your name at the top, a tab will open up
    • click Log Out

  2. Change the forum time
    • hover over your name at the top, a tab will open up
    • click Preferences
    • change your local time

  3. Add your signature (I had to delete all of them)
    • hover over your name at the top, a tab will open up
    • click Signature. You can add one image if you're post count is less than 100, 2 images if it's more.

  4. Attachments are disabled
    • Unfortunately, I had to disable them because the software won't let me set quotas. Our hosting plan has a set limit we can't go over. The media gallery does include quotas. If you would like to include a picture in a post link to it from the gallery

  5. Tapatalk will not be there.
    • Try the forum without Tapatalk on your phone/ipad. It should work OK. You can even "like". After that if you still want Tapatalk reply here. I need at least a few days to look for problems with the new forum before adding something else like Tapatalk.

  6. Delete the old MCS apps!
    • Those apps were for our old forum. They won't work. I have unpublished them.

  7. Type and leave off the www.
    • There's a chance you will get logged out if you don't especially if you signed in using Facebook or Twitter. Also, you'll stay logged in longer if you sign in without Facebook or Twitter.

  8. Update your boookmarks
  9. "Senior Member"
    • Some of you still have titles from the old forum. If you don't want "Senior Member" by your name, hover over your name at the top of the forum. Click Personal Details. Delete the Custom Title and hit save.

Suggestions (Not Necessary)

  • You might want to upload a larger avatar. At least 200x200 px. Your avatar is larger on your profile page and other places.
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