Mine might arrive a little early. It was the only one in stock left and I didn't want to lose it.
I ordered mine from Amazon yesterday Nicole! I think I forgot to put my name in it dern it. LOL. It's a lamb and something for Fenway also.
Thanks so much. I will look out for them. Fenway will be excited. I will wait for his birthday on 5/16, for him to open them.
Oops! I should have gotten the bigger gift for Fenway LOL.. I'll make it up to him!
Lol!! Thanks Polly. I will look out for the gifts. So far we received Polly's and Manuel's. I will give Fenway his gifts on 5/16, his birthday. I know he will be so excited.
Today we received a box from Amazon. There was a moose stuffie in there. We also received a package from Smoke. Thank you!! Fenway will open on his Birthday.
Oh no was it a Kong Moose? I might have to change my Amazon order :eek:

Okay to make sure you didn't get two mooses I changed my order, but it won't ship until the 15th now, so I apologize.
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Wow -- time totally got away from me! I just sent Fenway's gift to you but it wont be there in time for his Birthday -- I'm sorry about that.
Give Fenway kisses from me and tell him Happy Birthday!!!!!
That's ok Heather, it will be fun to have something arrive later. He will be excited.
image.jpg image.jpgThanks so much for all the stuffies!! I love them, says Fenway. Fenway turned 10 today.