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Villas: 38.98%

Choco: 61.02%

Total Votes: 59

Name Villas
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 3 years old
Location g.Voronezsh, Russia

Villas's Info

Full name of my spaniel William Gold King and he really behaves regally, particularly on exhibition. 

Owner Zagrebaeva Nataliya.

Name Choco
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age > 7.5 years
Location Cheyenne, WY (US)
Choco's Info

I adopted my sweet heart, Choco, from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter located in 
Cheyenne, WY on August 21st, 2004. She has been such a great companion 
since then. She likes to chase with a tennis ball, but she never brings it 
back to me, so I am trying to teach her to bring it back to me. 


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