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Jayla: 20.06%

Star: 9.19%

Chloe: 1.39%

Belle: 6.96%

Nawti: 1.39%

Gizmo: 3.90%

Sandi: 19.22%

Churchill: 13.65%

Tango: 3.06%

Wallace: 2.79%

Cherry: 1.11%

Jay: 0.28%

Laci: 0.84%

Lola: 0.84%

Charlie: 0.84%

Dusty: 5.01%

Joe: 3.62%

Sam: 3.90%

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Name Jacob
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 5 months
Location Salt Lake City, UT (US)

Jake's Info

I have always wanted a Roan American Cocker Spaniel. I was looking for one with nice type so that I might be able to learn to show with him as well as a nice temperament so that he will get along with my 4 year old son. Since his dog was hit by a car while friends were watching him for us. So, I found Jake, A Wonderful Chocolate Tri Roan Puppy who as turned out to be a wonderful playmate for my son. Now that we have moved to Salt Lake jake gets to run all the time through the snow. It is really hard to get him to come inside when the snow is fresh powder. He has learned that the cats are in charge around the house so outside is a free for all. 

Name Jayla
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2 year
Location Sumter, SC (US)
Jayla's Info 

Jayla is now the love of our lives. She came to us as a gift from my friend, who has since passed, for my daughter. She is a sweetheart. It took a little time for her to grow on me but she's one of the best gifts that we could've ever received. Now that she has partial-full run of the house, she takes advantage of it. She loves to run, jump, play and if we're ever looking for socks, we know exactly where to find them, right in her little toy box. She's 23 months old and an American Cocker and we reside in Sumter, SC.  

Name Star
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 10 weeks
Location Sumter, SC (US)
Star's Profile

Star is the light of my life. She is a 10 week old blue merle American Cocker Spaniel. Isn't she just beautiful? She is the sweetest little thing. Whenever I am sitting down, she has to be sitting with me, on me, near me.....She loves to play with my other dogs but she would much rather play with me. She also just loves to be dressed up.I own her father and she was my pick of the litter. There truly is something special about her other than her color. She is such a character. Thank you to Laura Hurst for providing the beautiful female who was her mother. You're the best, girl. 

Name Chloe
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2
Location Spring Hill, FL (US)
Chloe's Info

This is Chloe and she is two years old and an American Cocker Spaniel. She loves to run and play outside along with her cuddly behavior inside. she doesn't seem to have a favorite toy but drags out all of her toys and then loves to pull them back out of her toybox as you put them away. While outside she is always on the hunt and tries to catch the birds but never comes close. Once she ended up in the pond when she was chasing one, you should have seen the look on her face when that happened.She was born in Ocala, FL and now lives in her home in Spring Hill.

Name Belle
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1 year
Location Prairieville, LA (US)
Belle's Info

Belle is very playful, loving, and full of energy. This picture is from this past Christmas. She wasnít too happy about posing for them! Her favorite pastimes include riding in the car and playing with the lab next door. We got Belle at 6 weeks of age from Mississippi. We have managed to spoil her completely. Belle loves to chase bugs outside and hold them in her mouth for a while. She drags out all her stuffed animals all over the house just as soon as I pick them up. She is a constant companion who follows me everywhere I go! 

Name Nawti
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 9 years
Location Missouri (US)
Nawti's Info

Nawti is our first (and last) attempt at breeding puppies. She was a single puppy in the litter and was born in our vets parking lot at 5:00 a.m. she has been trained in agility, although she does not compete. she is our 9 year old puppy. She is very puppy like, even at her age. We like to call her our rodeo dog since she likes to run in circles kicking up her heels like a bucking bronco.

Name Gizmo
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 Years
Location Missouri, (US)
Gizmo's Info

Gizmo is our model, he has done a lot of photo shoots for Science Diet, Ft. Dodge, Hallmark and the Rose Parade. He is a Therapy Dog for Angels with Paws and until recently he did Agility demos for his mom and dad's company Dog Obedience Group. 

Name Sandi (wigglebut)
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 4 years
Location Antioch, IL (US)
Sandi's Info

I got Sandi in November of 2001, after my other dog Tippy (mixed breed) died. We weren't going to get an other dog. But we had too. The house was lonely with Tippy gone. We also have an other dog who is also a mixed Breed, his name is Champ. Champ was very lonely after Tippy past. When we got Sandi, I had never had a Cocker Spaniel before, but always loved the breed. So we decided to give Sandi a chance. She was the wildest puppy we ever had. I decided to take her to puppy classes, she almost failed, but Sandi and I got through it, with flying colors. Sandi loves to got for walks, boat rides, and loves to run on our 2 acres, if there is a ball she is there. She also loves to sit under the bird feeders and eat the seeds that the birds drop. (So much for the bird dog) She will sit outside all day and watch the birds. We have never trained her to go after the birds maybe thats why. Sandi also loves to play with the kids in the neighborhood. We had never let our dogs sleep in our beds before. But how can you tell this face no. Sandi sleeps with me and takes up the whole bed. But thats ok, I don't need covers then, she is a heater. Thanks Brenda Malin 

Name Churchill
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 5 years
Location Traveling the US
Web Go West Young Men!
Churchill's Info

We travel in an RV so Churchill meets lots of people and other dogs. He is among the world's friendliest dogs but refuses to cede a single inch of ground to an aggressive dog. He's snarled down a pit bull, a rottweiler, plenty of black labs, a german shepard and tons of snapping chihuahuas. He's tangled with Mexican fighting dogs when we lived near the border. He's what you might call a street tough cocker but he's only attacked a lab whose owner let his dog try to mount Churchill while we were in a PetsMart. Nearly cost the lab his throat for impolitely interrupting rounds in Churchill's favorite place.

Churchill's an accomplished hiker and wildlife lover. There's not a bird, squirrel, rabbit, snake, lizard or even javelina that he dosen't want to chase unless it's injured. He has no killer instinct and brings whatever he catchs to me alive, unless , of course , he happens to pick it up by the head. He hurt his paw pads hiking Fort Davis in west Texas recently, so I had to find him hiking boots. With the boots , he's like a puppy again. Pic was taken as we hiked out of Dog Canyon, a former Apache hideout high in the Sacramento Mountains in southeastern New Mexico.

Tango & friend
Name Tango
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 5 years
Location Cairns, Australia
Tango's Info

Tango is our baby, we bought her as a playmate for our 6 month old Papillion cross Buffy from a pet store. We didnít know about the problems with buying purebreeds from pet stores at that time. Luckily Tango does not have too many problems, although she does suffer terrible skin troubles. Despite this she is the happiest little girl, always wagging her tail and her whole back end if she is really happy. She has to have her coat shaved now as we moved to Cairns and it is just too hot to have jumper on all the time! She loves to run on the beach although she runs away from the waves! She is a bit brainless and has some very funny habits, like rolling around on her back. She plays with Buffy all the time and is constantly trying to go sleep on the pillows. She loves cuddles and has the nickname Floppy Dog as she canít wake up in the morning and flops over time after time, until she hears the word breakfast! She is dearly loved along with her sister who is in the picture too and we canít imagine life without them.

Name Wallace
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 9 months
Location Scotland
Wallace's Info

Here is a picture of my cocker spaniel Wallace, who is nine months old, and is a black and white ticked dog (not unlike a blue roan, but very white LOL) We got him when he was five months old and he is a joy .... he is very obedient and rarely barks or whines or acts too madly, though he does love chewing and has lately started stealing from bins. 

Jackie, Scotland, UK.


Name SomsŠly Aranyos Cherry
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 10 years
Location Sicily, Italy
Cherry's Info

This is Cherry. A sweet cocker. She has come to bring happiness to our days when she was eleven months old and has won everyone over in no time. She is unbelievably and indescribably intelligent. She loves walking in the country and "to catch" the cats and also the snow and to admire Christmas' lights. What to say more: only that she is unique!

Name Jay
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 3 years
Location Omaha, NE (US)
Jay's Info

Jay, loves everyone ,loves to run in the yard, and go on long walks. He also loves to eat and I'm working on that one. He has some extra weight at this time.

Name Laci
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1.5 years
Location Hueysville, KY (US)
Laci's Info

This is Laci. She is a 1 1/2 year old american cocker spaniel. She lives in Hueysville, KY. Laci is VERY smart and it seems she knows when she is going to be photographed and she poses. She loves to play with Lola, our other cocker spaniel, "protect" our son Bryce, and chew up our socks. We love her very very much! 

Name Lola
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2 years
Location Hueysville, KY (US)
Lola's Info

This is Lola, our other cocker spaniel. She is an american cocker spaniel and she is 2 years old. Lola loves playing and romping with Laci, but she is the calmest of the two. She loves to jump from one place to another and is very athletic. She almost resembles a cat because she is so graceful! 

Name Charlie
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 8 months
Location Nova Scotia (CA)
Charlie's Info

charlie loves people, runing in the hills and woods with his nose down is his favorite thing to do. loves his chewable toys to tug. Fectches the ball or toys non-stop. loves to have his tummy rubbed. Needs to be groomed every day. His hair is remarkably long. We love him and have no regrets. Easy to train. 

Maria Wilkinson

Name Dusty
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location New Hampshire (US)
Dusty's Info

Meet our baby dusty, he is the light of our life. Dusty was a birthday gift to me from my husband and son. He is the sweetest dog I have ever had and the smartest. We got dusty when he was 8 weeks old. He took to the house breaking almost instantly, knew all his tricks within 2 weeks with us. He loves everybody, and is always excited when someone comes over. He is always up on the bed when the alarm goes off to give us our morning wake up kisses. He is truly a joy to have around and he is more than just a dog, he is our baby. 

Name Joe
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 months
Location Dura, MO (US)
Joe's Info

Joe, lives in the country, where he likes to run through the fields smelling all those flowers and birds that live there.As you can see in the picture snow is his favorite time of year.

Name Sam
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 months
Location ?
Sam's Info

My cocker's name is Sam. He is the best thing that has happen to our family. He actually came to our house by accident, my mom has a friend at work she told my mom that her neighbor was going to throw out on the street a little puppy because she didn't want (way irresponsible if you ask me).Sam was only 2 months at the time. My mom didn't want to take him because we had lost our pug about year ago and she didn't feel good about bringing a new dog to the house. She finally gave in and decided that she didn't want him but she would find him a home. Boy she was right she did find him a home as soon as we saw him we fell in love with him he had the cutest and saddest face in the world (that's why we named him Sam "Sad Sam"), their was no way we were going to give him up. At first he was shy scared of everything around him know he is a real Goof Ball. He was skinny and dirty we convinced our mom and she finally said we could keep him. We took him to the vet he got his shots, heart worm prevention, flea &t tick prevention we even had him spayed. Sam is now 10 months he's healthy and happy he will do anything for a doggy biscuit he loves them, he fetches, sits and even shakes your hand he loves to play and run at the park and he is also very well behaved, the smartest dog I have ever seen definitely the best dog in the world but more then that he is our best friend.


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