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Mulligan: 60.98%

Emma: 25.61%

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Name Riley & Murphy
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 14, 7 years old
Location Beausejour, Manitoba

Riley & Murphy's Info

This is a picture of my two American Cocker Spaniels, Riley and Murphy. Riley is a 14 year old female that I rescued from the SPCA 11 years ago. She was turned in as a stray that had obviously just had a litter of pups. The pups were never found and she was never claimed. Riley has been a great friend over the years who has traveled all over North America with me as my "co-pilot" as I'm a long haul truck driver.
Murphy is also an American Cocker, who I bought from a breeder 7years ago. She was rejected by her mother and ended up being the runt of the litter. The breeder kept her alive by hand feeding her by bottle, and taking her to work in her lunch bag. As a result of being the runt, she came up a little short in her full grown size. Her best friend is Riley, and the often sleep and play together when we're at home.
This picture is of the "Girls" going for a ride around my property near Beausejour, Manitoba. Our personal mantra has been for a number of years "Living the life of Riley, by Murphy's Law" 

Name Mulligan
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1.5 year old
Location Crofton, Maryland
Owner Lindsay Kellogg
Mulligan' Info

This is Mulligan, and is a cocker (American I think). He is 1 1/2 years old and in Crofton, Maryland. No web page, but lots of photos for you to choose from! He is the light of our lives and is the best dog. He learns very quickly and knows...sit, lay, stay, speak, stand, roll over, and he also sits up on his hind legs and begs. He is a snuggler and a momma's boy and insists on following me around everywhere I go. He is always on a lap when possible and sleeps on my pillow with me (and under the covers during the winter).

Lindsay Kellogg  

Name Emma (Bardos Truly Black Design)
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1 year old
Location Nykobing Falster, Denmark

Emma's Info

Emma is a sweet little girl with a fabulous temperament and is a total charmer. All of our male friends think she is a total little flirt and even our friend who was not keen on dogs has now ordered a cocker as she became so besotted with Emma. Emma doesn't mind her weekly baths and even lifts her leg so we can wash her undercarriage. She was born in Fyn, Denmark and came home to us in December of 2003. She likes her toys very much and is completely spoiled. The photo is of Emma in her new jacket.  


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