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Monty: 4.65%

Shadow: 18.60%

Skipper: 41.86%

Belle: 16.28%

Russell: 18.60%

Total Votes: 43

Name Monty
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 months
Location Pennsylvania (US)

Monty's Info

This is Monty. He is a 10 month old Cocker Spaniel. We adopted him from the local Humane League in Lancaster,PA. He loves to play with other animals, including cats and dogs. He enjoys playing catch, going for walks, and chewing on bones! One of his favorite things to do is going shopping at the Pet store. He has been with us since he was 4 months old, and he is the best addition to our Family. 

Jen Gallagher

Name Shadow
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 9 years
Location Ontario Canada
Shadow's Info 

Hi My Name is Meryl Rosenplot and I have a perfect Cocker Spaniel! His Name is Shadow and he is a pure bread male english cocker and is 9 years old. We live in Ontario in a small town where everyone who steps in the house thinks that he is adorable. He has many nicknames and we all love him to bits. He is very shaggy most of the time and rarely ever clipped properly but thats how we like him. He has a mind of his own and loves to walk, chase flies and sit in his arm chair all day to watch the kids play outside. He is not very friendly to strangers but shows so much love to his family. To me Shadow is perfect and my life without him would be very boring.  

Name Skipper
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2 years
Location Bethlehem, GA (US)
Web Skipper's Story
Skipper's Info

Skipper started as a rescue at the age of 4 months old when she was found in Dothan, Alabama, thrown in a dumpster enclosed in a sealed trash bag with her legs tied together and covered head to toe with sarcoptic mange. Skipper has come a long way since her rescue and is a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, a beginning freestyle dancer, a pre-novice obedience student, and the recipient of this year's Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Companion Animal to be inducted into the Georgia Animal Hall of Fame in November 2005. Mere words cannot express my love for this cutie pie! 

Name Belle
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 9 months
Location Blue Springs, MO (US)
Belle's Info

A paragraph or two describing your dog. If your dog is a rescue/adopted please include this information as well. Our sweet Belle is my 4th cocker since I have grown up. My husband and I bought her as our first pet and man is she the best. She has completed Puppy School, Level 1 Obedience, Level 1 Agility and now is starting Level 2 Agility. Some of Belle's favorite times are playing with her toys (Green Meanie, Pink Piggy, Hedgehog and Penquin are her favs) plus she loves her bones any will do. She loves ice and she tries so hard to get any sock in the house clean or dirty (dirty is her favorite). We are in the process of building a fence so she will finally have some time to just sit outside when she wants to. She really is the best dog I have ever been around. She is smart, loving and so kind. She does have a great wiggle butt too, she makes everyone laugh with how fast she wags her tail. She was just invited to participate in our city's parade and she wore a frog costume, she was so cute and we were very proud parents that day. We love our baby Belle more then anything.  

Name Russell Jones
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 6 months
Location Brighton, MA (US)
Web Home Page
Russell's' Info

Russell is a fun loving, energetic pup who thinks every human on earth was put here to give him a good belly rub! Other dogs are pretty cool too, especially his best friends at the park. Russell would have you believe he's a big man on campus, but the truth is he's a little love bug who needs a good cuddle time with his 'mom' and tussle with 'dad' every day. He enjoys fetch, bully sticks, chicken, and long walks on the beach - no, really!


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