Cocker Spaniel February
2003 Contestants

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Name Tristan
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location California (US)
Tristan's Bio

I would like you to meet Tristan. He is my second 1 year old ACS. In fact he and Tessa are littermates. They have been together since birth. When his sister moved to Ca. with me he missed her terribly. 

I couldn't stop thinking about him. I knew he had to be rehomed also and had no idea if they would ever see each other again. Then I started thinking she was such a blessing to me but could I handle two 1 year olds. 

Well to make a long story short I gave in and Tristan joined our family. They were back together again for their first birthday in Nov. 2002. I wonder now why I ever hesitated. They belong together. I get so many hours of fun just watching the two of them play and sleep together. He is so protective of his sister and me. Now our little family is complete the way it should be. 

As you can see much to his dismay he tolerates Mom and her new digital camera. 

Name Tessa
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1 year
Location California (US)
Tessa's Bio

I would like to introduce Tessa my 1 year old ACS. I adopted her in Sept. 2002. She spent her first almost year of live with her breeder in Michigan. 

I have arthritis and live by myself and needed some kind of motivation to get out and move every day. I started searching for a cocker. I believe it was fate or divine intervention that led me to a wonderful lady that had been raising cockers for many years. Due to her own health problems she was rehoming some of her dogs. After several months of talking arranging I brought Tessa home to live with me. 

She has made such a difference in my life. My own children are grown now and Tessa has brought to so much company and love into my home. I never realized when I did this how much she would work her way into my heart and my life.



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