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Name Dylan
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 5 years old
Location New York, NY (US)
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Dylan's Info

Adopted from the Brooklyn NY pound. Given up in June '02, no reason on record. Adopted out unsuccessfully twice that summer. Rescued in Oct '02 the week he was slated to go into private rescue. Shelter managers were divided on our adoption, because Dylan had guarding and snapping issues. I had been a cat person for 20 years. This was my first dog. My wife had dogs as a child, but she needed to be much more pro-active as a leader with Dylan. He's come a long way. I was a child in the 50s so I remember cockers very fondly. The best thing about Dylan is that he really respects our 2 cats. We joke that we thought we were getting a Vietnamese baby, but we got an Iraqi teenager. No offense. He doesn't do well when he's underemployed, underled, and has lots of pent-up energy. But if we give him the deluxe exercise, discipline, love routine, he's a doll. 

Name Marlie
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 1 year old
Location US
Marlie's Info

Marlie entered our lives on 2/2004 when she was just 2 months old and our lives have never been better. She has become a friend and a member of the family. Marlie has won a few other awards in her short life: Purina December Puppy of the Month, Best in Show for Puppy, Best in Breed, and 2nd place in a costume contest. She is also in PetsMart's Holiday Contest. She is a natural beauty and we would not want to miss for a minute our daily wake up lick, the way she beats the kids to the door when I get home from work, or the way she loves to cuddle up on the couch. Ohana means family and Marlie is truly a member thereof. 


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