Cocker Spaniel January
2003 Contestants

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Name Tipper
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 3 months
Location Austin, TX (U.S.)
Tipper's Bio

Tipper is my first cocker spaniel, and he is great. 
He likes to spend his days taking walks outside with my family's collie, and when he is inside he is either sleeping on his favorite blanky, or chewing on a pig ear (his most beloved treat). 

One day I would like for Tipper to be awarded the CGC (canine good citizen) title from AKC, so we focus a lot on obedience. He already knows 'sit' and 'walk', and we are currently trying to master 'stay' which is the hardest since he always wants to be with me. 

I love him very very much, and am so happy that he is in my life.

Contestant information removed per owner's wishes.


JJ's Black Bear
Name JJ's Black Bear
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 months
Location Jefferson, SC (US)
JJ's Black Bear's Bio
Blackie is a very sweet and lovable boy. He loves cats and other dogs. He loves to go swimming and camping. His favorite toys are his velvet squeaky dumbell and his rubber squeaky steak. He enjoys daily exercise playing in his dog run and digging in his new sandbox for buried treasures. Blackie loves a good romp chasing the other dogs. He loves going for rides and he is at the window checking out the world. He is funny when he barks at the TV or computer when it makes car honking or dog barking sounds. He loves his rawhide bones and eats Pedigree Puppy. We plan to breed him to our little female Cocker Angel. We are in the process of building a website for our Cockers. We will keep you posted when it is done! 
Michael and Brenda

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