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Name Hunter
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 weeks (pictured)
Location Florida

Hunter's Info

I went to Tri County Humane Society June 13 looking around at dogs preferably looking for cocker spaniels and they didn't have any that I saw. I went up to the front desk and was talking to the lady and she said did you see our puppies that just got here? I said no and she had said they got 4 cocker spaniel puppies but I can't see them today because they were going through litigations. She said the puppies were found in the back of a covered pick up truck in Miami and that the situation was "not good". So days later I went back and I saw the puppies and I fell for the most hyper, smallest, red cocker. He was very sick but was still jumping around. I told them I wanted this dog and they said I have to wait till they are up for adoption. I left sad cause I thought they wouldn't call me and they called 2 days later in the morning and said they are available and to hurry up and come here. I went there and adopted him, and he was the runt of the litter, only 7.5lbs. I took him home and took a bunch of pictures and this picture was his first day home, first meal and he had food in his mouth but it looks like he is smiling.. a true Kodak moment!! He also has puppy dreams at night that is so adorable. He also doesn't like whistling, especially when you whistle the Lassie Theme Song, he runs and hides. :) 

Bucky Lee
Name Bucky Lee
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 years old
Location Magalia, California
Bucky Lee's Info

We rescued Bucky Lee 3 years ago. He was chained to porch on a 4' chain. He was never allowed off the chain. He had early 3rd stage heat worms and was covered with fleas. He had seizures and a stroke from the heart worm treatment but after thousands of dollars he is a very happy and healthy boy. We have never loved anything as much as we love our Bucky Lee. He means the world to us.  

Name Buddy
Breed Cocker Spaniel Mix
Sex male
Age 10 years (about)
Location Lewiston, Maine
Owners Randy & Bruce

Buddy's Info

Buddy is an Cocker Spaniel/Lhasa Apso male. His birthday is approximately 11/10/1994. He lives in Lewiston, ME with his humans, Randy Ireland & Bruce Wotton. We saw Buddy's picture in our local paper on 11/18/04 in an ad of our local animal shelter. We went out the same day and looked at him. He was found and turned in as a stray on 11/10/04. They could not find his owners. He had no identification. He joined our home on 11/20/04.   


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