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Mr.Pickles: 10.43%

Nano: 40.87%

Max: 9.57%

Total Votes: 115

Name Homer
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 12 years
Location Montreal QC (CA)

Homer's Info

This is Homer, a 12 year old male american cocker spaniel who lives in Montreal Quebec. He's very precious and likes to sport the thug style now and then.

Mr. Pickles
Name Mr. Pickles
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 2 years
Location San Diego, CA (US)
Mr. Pickles' Info

Mr. Pickles, was adopted from a local shelter in San Diego. He was the first dog we saw, and of course I have always had such a strong love for cocker spaniels since I was little, when we went into the office to adopt him the workers told us that he had 2 holds on him, for people to meet with him before they took him home, But we could stick around for a couple hours just in case the other people decided not to adopt him ( which I don't know who could resist his adorable face, and outgoing personality ). So we waited 3 hours at the animal shelter nervous, and hoping the others wouldn't show up, and sure enough they didn't so right at 12 o'clock, we jumped up and said he was ours! and sure enough he is! He was originally abandoned by his first owners by being thrown out of a car. But despite his past pickles, loves going on car rides. He has been nothing but a blessing to our home. With all his endless pickle kisses, and his love for cuddling.  

Name Nano
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 3 months
Location Mississauga, ON (CA)
Nano's Info

Nano is our baby she was 2 months old when we got her, she completes our family ever since she came to us. My wife and I just got married and she was the greatest wedding gift we ever had, my sister in law and her son leaves with us before Nano came, we could hardly see every one in the house, but now everyone wants to play with her and take care of her, she made this home a perfect one, my wife and i couldn't ask for more.

Nano is very affectionate, she could not even take a nap without someone by her side on the couch. She like to run a lot inside and outside the house. She's very playful and smart little puppy with just 3 months old she knows now how to sit, stay and fetch. Nano is truly an angel to everyone. 

Name Max
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 2.5 years
Location Victoria, BC (CA)
Home page Max's Photo Gallery
Max's Info

A paragraph or two describing your dog. If your dog is a rescue/adopted please include this information as well. - Max was adopted at one year of age from Montreal, Que. as his owner became ill and could not look after him. We are so delighted to have him in our life. He is a cutie pie and loves to be around us and so friendly with everyone.  


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