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Dallas: 26.19%

Cheezy Girl: 53.57%

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CaChaco (picture does not enlarge)
Name Cachaco
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 2.5 years old
Location Pembroke Pines, FL (US)

Cachaco's Info

Cachaco is an amazing dog. The first time i got him i was so happy, he was so cute and small. When my cousin gave him to me, my mom didnt want a dog because she knew that they are a big responsibility. But me and my dad begged her to let us keep it, So she said fine just for a week. When the week past by my mom was in love with the dog she wouldnt let him go she wouldnt even let me hold him for 10 seconds because she would always love carrying him around. Throughout the years we had him he been a wonderful dog. He would always lick my face when he knew i was upset. He would always look at me and jump so i can chase him and then when i would turn and start to run he would chase me. He loves to play hide and seek thats the big thing he loves to do. He likes to be the seeker. He so caring and sweet. Since his name is to long i always call him chaco and he still comes to that name. I just love my dog he is like my own baby. The reason i love him too is because he keeps my mom company when my dad and my brother is at work and when im at school he looks after her alot he always wake her up with wet kisses and when my mom is sick he is always laying down on the bed right by her until she gets better. He is the dog everybody would love to have!! 


Name Dallas
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1.5 years
Location New York (US)

Dallas' Info

About a year ago we adopted Dallas from the local SPCA. We fell in love with him the first time we saw him. Actually, another person wanted him, but since they didn't show up to get him, we did and we are so lucky! Dallas is very sweet and very friendly. He has so many people who love him! Dallas enjoys car rides with his Grammy, cuddling and snuggling with his mommy, and running through the woods with his brother, Buster, who is a Spinger Spaniel, and his sister, Lucy, who is a Golden Retriever. Dallas is just such a wonderful dog!

Name Cheezy
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 4 months
Location Manila, Philippines
Web Dogster
Cheezy Girl's Info

Cheezy girl or Cheeze as we call her is a new member of our fur family. She came to us on my birthday, a week ago as a gift from my husband. She was curled in a basket so cute and shy at first. Now she is as hyper as I can imagine..full of mischief and a very sweet dog at the same time. She loves to play with kids, and other cocker. Cheezy likes to kiss and hug. I love her freckled nose....sooooo cute.


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