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Emma: 20.52%

Ellie: 11.35%

Duce: 12.66%

Spencer (black): 8.73%

Brandi: 3.49%

Starr: 21.83%

Sammy: 15.28%

Spencer (buff): 6.11%


Total Votes: 229

Name Emma
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 4 years old
Location Caledon, ON (CA)

Emma's Info

Emma came to us from a phenomenal breeder Casa Kennels, which guarantees disposition. Well I have never met a dog like Emma and will assume I never will again, we quickly enrolled her in therapy dog training and since she has been working in hospitals and senior centers. She brings such love to anyone near. When she is not doing that she is hunting in the ravine trying to ‘cock’ out something good for me. Emma is the most patient loving spaniel I have ever met and is a treasure in my life.

Name Ellie
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 9 months
Location Dallas, TX (US)
Ellie's Info 

Ellie was born on Easter of this year and came home to us in May. She is a bundle of energy and never stops! She is constantly squeaking a toy, getting into something she is not supposed to or playing with her beagle sister. She discovered water when she was only five months old and goes straight for it whether it is her water bowl, a small pond, or a lake. She gets right in there with hundred pound labs and fetches gigantic sticks. She is such a joy in our lives!  

Name Duce
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 13 years
Location Montgomery, AL (US)
Duce's Profile

Duce is what I would call my angle dog. He adopted me when I was recovering from a illness which left me paralyzed. When I got Duce who happened to be a Christmas present from on of my nurses in the hospital I was not too sure of what I was getting into since I had never had a dog and was having enough trouble trying to take care of myself. My nurse convinced me to give it a chance and needless to say he has been with me ever since. Duce even tough he is 13 still acts like a young whipper snapper. He loves to chase after his tennis balls and play with his squeeky toys. He is definately a snuggler and if he is not allowed to sleep in the bed at night he gets a little upset. All I can say about Duce is that I truly believe that he was my little angle because without having to take care of him I don't think I would have made the recovery that I did.  

Spencer (black)
Name Spencer
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 3year
Location Montgomery, AL (US)
Spencer's Info

Spencer is a rescue dog that I got when was about 4 months old. He is a total clown and you never know what he will do next. He acts like he is a big dog but go Boo and he goes running. He is what I call my laughing dog since he is always making me laugh. He loves to play with his tennis balls and squeeky toys. In fact every time a toy is brought into the house he always thinks it is his forgetting the fact that he has a big brother and sister. He will chase after his ball not paying attention run smack into the wall and then look at me like "who put that there!!" I can only say that he has brought a lot smiles into my life and he is loved dearly.  

Name Brandi Amber
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 10 years
Location Cambridge, ON (CA)
Brandi's Info

She came to us from a breeder near our home in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. Brandi is quite a lady and loves new collars, clothes and especially stuffed toys. We just love her.

Name Starr
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 11 months
Location San Antonio, TX  (US)
Starr's Info

My little American Cocker Spaniels' name is Starr. We got her last March after my boyfriend had a heart attack. She helped him get better,she is so playful and always has been. After he got better she was about 2 months old and suddenly started having seizures. We found out she had distemper, the hospital vet said to put her to sleep but there was no way, she was already a big part of our family. We took her to another vet who helped her. For months she couldn't even walk, but she always wagged her tail and was very happy. In about August she slowly started to walk and now she runs, plays, jumps and is the most playful wonderful puppy ever. She is and always will be our little angel.

Name Sammy
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location Buffalo Grove, IL (US)
Sammy's Info

My dog's name is Sammy He is a cocker spaniel. He's a male about a year in a half. . He lives in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He's so cute with freckles. and has a great personality. He likes squirrels. 

Spencer (buff)
Name Spencer
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 2 years
Location Bronx, NY (US)
Spencer's Info

He was not adopted but rescued from a pet store window. When we first saw him, he was belly up in the middle of a very deep nap and we fell in love. He's totally a member of our family, but he has to be reminded every so often that he's not human. We love him so even though he piddles every time a new visitor comes to greet him. We have to say "Ignore Spencer, we know he's cute but he'll wet your shoes if you greet him". What can I say, he's here to stay even though I vowed never to have a dog in my house. He has my heart forever! I can't imagine life without him. Just look at that face! Who could resist. Maritza.



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