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Princess: 33.07%

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Name Princess
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 5 months
Location South Gate, CA (US)

Princess' Info

My husband never wanted a dog. One day my sister in law bought a puppy and he was so cute. Since I was bugging him for a long time he decided to get me one. The day I went to pick her up she was just so adorable I just had to have her. We took her home and she is the love of our lives we have no children so she is our baby. My husband even forgot about not liking dogs. He has learned to love her like I do and he is the one that always reminds me of her appointments.

Princess is very playful and smart. I could not have chosen a better puppy. She makes me laugh and is always ready to play. She loves to sleep on the bed by our feet and loves to take walks. One thing she hates is taking a bath but when I do give her a bath she falls asleep right after. We love our little Princess.

Jainelt and Andy Gomez South Gate , CA 


Name Zeke
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 4 years
Location Fayetteville, AR (US)

Zeke's Info

Zeke is an amazing dog! He is the sweetest, most caring dog that I have ever seen. He loves to play with his toys and squeaks them constantly. He likes to sneak in the bed at night and cuddle with me. Zeke brings a smile to my face everyday and never stops wagging that tail! 

Name Poochini
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location Manila, Philippines
Web Dogster
Poochini's Info

We love to call him Chini Boy or just Chini. His full name Poochini doesn't mean a lot to him, his response isnt's much good. Well maybe coz most of the time we call him by his short name. He loves to go out in the garden chasing grasshoppers, butterflies and play with Vixen, Kisses and Summer. But most of his time he stays indoors. He's good in catching lizard too..and roaches. This pic really looks cute that I make some clip art...seems his looking at the butterflies.


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