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EmmaLee: 10.87%

Hannah: 4.35%

Gary: 9.78%

Bailey: 7.61%

Trixie: 27.17%

Toby: 40.22%

Total Votes: 92

Emma Lee
Name Miss EmmaLee
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex Southern Belle
Age 3 months
Location Kentucky (US)

EmmaLee's Info

We adopted Miss EmmaLee at the end of July, after the passing of our 13 year old Cocker, Pepper. She has a full length tail and a huge personality to match. She has a very playful spirit that our other dog loves. Our cat doesn't seem to appreciate it as much. Shortly after we brought EmmaLee home, we found our cat hiding in a kitchen cabinet!

Her favorite treat is peanut butter stuffed into her Kong. She loves to chew on anything that she can get her mouth on; including the corn stalk in the picture!

I'm a Cocker lover for life,


Name Hannah
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 2 years, 6 mos
Location Toronto, ON (CA)
Web FaceBook

Hannah's Info

I received Hannah as a Birthday present in June 2005 and she has grown into a beautiful little girl, full of energy and excitement. She is pictured here on her second birthday and she loves posing for the camera. Hannah's favorite toy is her squeak toy, she goes crazy for anything that squeaks. She loves playing with Gary (below) and going for walks.. 

Name Gary
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 2 years, 11 mos
Location Toronto, ON (CA)
Web FaceBook
Gary's Info

We adopted Gary in January 2006 and he has made a wonderful addition to our family. He is pictured here on his second birthday and his third birthday is fast approaching and it is a tradition that we celebrate his birthday every year and get great photos like this one. Gary's favorite toy is his tennis ball, he loves chasing them around the house and loves playing fetch at our local dog park. He loves treats too, but what dog doesn't! 

Name Bailey
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 5 months
Location Rhode Island (US)
Web Dogster


Bailey's Info

Bailey came to us form a breeder in Mississippi. He was very sick right after getting to us due to chickens he was placed next to on his way here. He is now a very happy puppy that gets lots of love. He loves to go to puppy playgroup every week and play with all the other puppies. His favorite thing to do is to play tug of war with his monkey toy. He is learning so many tricks and is starting a new class soon to improve on all he can do so far. 

Name Trixie
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 3 months
Location India
Trixie's Info

Trixie is called such as she is always up to trix. Her favorite past time is seeking out dirty socks and sleeping with them. She was born in South America and now lives in India, so well traveled. She is now 3 years old and as beautiful as ever


Name Toby
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1 year
Location Carrollton, VA (US)
Toby's Info

This is Seminole's Cinnamon "Toby" Burke. He is a 1 year old male Cocker Spaniel. He lives in Carrollton, Virginia.

Toby came to us from Missouri. His personality is as spicy and spunky as his coat color. He is solid as a rock and 100% play! Always eager to please, he is truly mans best friend.

Owners: Wendy & Gary Burke Parti-Color Cocker Spaniel Breeders 


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