Gabby is doing well

Gabby has been doing good. His cough has improved. Nothing much has changed with him. He does a lot of power napping. He did lose some weight which is a good thing. Now he weighs 36 pounds. Gabby doesn’t like the Baytril. It makes him sick to his stomach. I’ll be glad when that’s finished. Thank you for all your concern.

Gabby’s cardiologist had bad news

Gabby’s heart condition has been fairly stable until now. One of Gabby’s tendons that hold his mitral valve in place ripped loose. There’s a significant amount of blood backing up in Gabby’s heart causing his pulmonary blood vessels to distend. She’s worried when this took place. If this just happened then the worse is yet to come. She increased his Lasix. She would have increased it more except she’s worried about his kidneys. She told me to check if his cough gets worse. She also told me to check if he faints. I asked her how long Gabby has left. She said some of her patients have had good quality of life for up to a year. I cried on the way home.

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An evening at the park

I took Gabby and Hoshi to the park. I’d like to take them to the beach except the closest dog friendly beaches I know of are on the opposite side of Michigan. I’m planning a trip to Benton Harbor area which is a 3 hour drive.

I haven’t perfected STOP yet. I’m too out of shape to chase dogs anymore. Hoshi, you little rascal! Speaking of which, Hoshi starts his obedience class Wednesday.

Hoshi’s Bath

I gave Gabby and Hoshi a bath yesterday since in was so warm out. I was worried Hoshi would be scared of the dryer. Gina said not to worry. Hoshi jumped as soon as I directed the nozzle on him. I thought, oh no he’s scared. No, he wanted to play. He dried pretty quick with all that jumping and rolling around he did. He kept trying to bite the flow of air. It was funny.

Playing with ball video

Gabby’s favorite toy is a jiggly ball. They don’t last long as he tears them apart. I bought a new one so Hoshi could enjoy too. Hoshi isn’t as aggressive with the ball as Gabby is. Hoshi had fun though and it give those sharp piranha-like teeth something to work on other than my toes.