A handy pill splitter

Cutting pill into quarters

Hoshi started taking 1 and 1/2 tablets of Vetmedin for his heart. It was causing intestinal problems so they asked me to give 1 and 1/4 tablets instead. I didn’t like the cheap pill splitter I had. I ordered one from Amazon that does a good job cutting pills evenly without smashing them. It’s solid metal and I think the added weight does a better job cutting pills.

Cutting pill into quarters
Cutting pill into quarters


Gabby has been doing well since he started taking Vetmedin. I’m ordering Vetmedin through Foster & Smith as a significant discount. His cough has improved. His activity improved slightly. He sleeps a lot. He has lost weight–a good thing because he was overweight. I’ve decreased his Lasix dosage from 120mg (without my vet’s approval) to 80mg per day because his symptoms have improved with Vetmedin. 120mg of Lasix is a whopping dose even for a human.

He’s doesn’t like peanut butter like he used to. I use peanut butter to give his pills. Gabby takes 5 pills in the morning and evening. I’m using Jiff honey peanut butter he seems to like it the best. I’ll have to switch to something else if continues to be picky.

Gabby doesn’t have the strength he used to. It might be related to his blood pressure medication or inactivity. He’s lost a lot of muscle tone. This causes him to trip going up or down stairwells or getting down from the car.

Getting Gabby Up

I have to coax Gabby to get up for potty. I use treats. It funny, Gabby tries to steal the treats from me while he’s still in bed. He’s like a alligator lying motionless then he lunges in the blink of an eye taking the treat from my hand. I have to count my fingers to make sure they’re all there.

Gabby is doing well

Gabby has been doing good. His cough has improved. Nothing much has changed with him. He does a lot of power napping. He did lose some weight which is a good thing. Now he weighs 36 pounds. Gabby doesn’t like the Baytril. It makes him sick to his stomach. I’ll be glad when that’s finished. Thank you for all your concern.

Hoshi hates his medication

I just had my mom help hold Hoshi while I squirted Clavamox in his mouth. He’s putting up more of a fight each time I give it. I thought liquid would be easier to give than the pill. Why on earth did they make it bubblegum flavor?! It smells just like the stuff we give kids in the ER. I doubt a puppy would appreciate the flavor.

Gabby’s Cardiology Appointment

Gabby saw his cardiologist this morning. He’s being treated for mitral valve disease and an enlarged heart. Good news! Gabby did well today. He had an EKG, ultrasound of his heart, blood work, and a chest x-ray. The blood work hasn’t come back but the cardiologist was pleased with his chest x-ray, ultrasound, and EKG. She says little has changed since last year. She was pleased with his EKG because last year he began having an irregular fast heartbeat. She wants to see us in August or September and keep an eye on his cough in the meantime. These are Gabby’s heart medications.

  1. Lasix 40mg twice daily: (water pill) treats fluid in his lungs
  2. Aldactone 12.5mg twice daily: (water pill) inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  3. Vasotec 5mg twice daily (blood pressure pill) reduces his blood pressure and inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  4. Digoxin 125mcg twice daily (antiarrythmic) treats his irregular fast heartbeat