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I have a 6 month old blue roan puppy (my first) and her fur can be quite messy and a little curly, especially on the top of her head and near her tail, first of all is this a puppy thing and is she likely to naturally get straighter fur and secondly is there anything I can do to help with her coat? We are hoping to be able to show her.

Welcome Taylor's mom. Some dogs coats do straighten as they grow older and the coat fills in and grows out and some do not. A lot will change with a proper cut and grooming. Go to a show and observe the handlers and how they prepare their dogs for the ring. Much can be accomplished with a blow dryer and a brush. I've even seen flat irons used on some dog's coats. There is a lot involved in keeping a dog in show coat.
I cannot tell from the pic whether this is an ECS or an ACS: The coats are very different but both require extensive grooming. The ECS is feathery and not as dense from what I have observed. It can be wavy, though. I have seen adult American Cockers with really curly coats at the training club....they almost look like teddy bears they are so curly and furry. However, Fiona goes to class with a blue roan American Cocker Spaniel counterpart who is kept in an immaculately groomed show coat. The cocker mom said that she has his sister, too and spends a lot of time on grooming.

If you have an ECS, you probably could reduce the waviness of the hair by using a Mars Coat King on the top of the head an by the base of the tail. Just don't overuse it or you will break the hair off.
Sometimes a pix is worth a 1000 words.

Pye with his natural topknot

After I figured out how to manage it, (taken night before last)
I use a 7F blade on it, then thinners. In other words I just cut the curls off.
Pye's topknot is not long enough for a show cut, but, it works for me. I like their coats closer to their heads anyway. If the rest of him was that curly, I would cut it all off.
Ki has a very full straight coat. The only place he gets a few curls are his ears and when they are wrapped they dry beautifully straight. However his top knot wants to go forward right over his eyes and it's really straight thick hair. Now I keep it a little shorter. So much easier, he can see, and he doesn't resemble Ringo Star!
That is a beautiful dog!
If you are talking about my Pye Mel, thank you. He is related to Karen's Ki, from the same breeder. Ki is black and Karen took him to his championship. Pye has a different dam, and she didn't have an especially nice coat.

Pye's sire is brown like him, and a Champion, Pye's Grandsire is the dog in my avatar with Pye, he also was a Champion and after he was retired at 5 he came to live with me. We had him for 5 glorious years before cancer took him. His name was Stormy.

Good breeding sure does remove some issues, I have not had any issues with Pye at all, even his ears. Stormy and Pye are my very first dogs that were not pound rescues.