Shopping for grooming shears today

On another note, I wish Potobucket hadn't changed dern it! I just closed them down, I had them since 2003!
I do it too especially in winter so Hoshi dries quicker. Sometimes I think causes problems though. I think static in his dry fur makes uneven cuts.
Really Manuel! That maybe. I am now using a 7F on Pye's back and I have noticed sometimes I have to go over an area several times.
The house gets really dry in winter and I can see static shape his hair as I comb it. Clumps of hair will stick to him and the clippers.
To add to the Photobucket note. I did get most of my pictures off of there but I took quite a while. Photobucket kept freezing up.
OMG...Look at all the cockers in red coats! How charming are they.....all paying attention, too! Who was holding the steak---? Lol!
Six dogs in one could probably groom cockers professionally. I suggested to my retired stylist sister that she become a dog groomer and she said no way. She could deal with the dogs but has no desire to deal with their owners, lol. She had a silky terrier whom she groomed and currently has a Dandie Dinmont that she keeps immaculately groomed--there is a lot to learn to groom a wire coated dog as it turns out. She figured out how to do Fi and then taught me.
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They were fun. A great group of dogs and all were rescues. Manuel, I hope you have your grooming table the right height.. that does mean a lot for your back.