FUN-damentals Obedience & Rally

I’m taking advantage of our local club’s proximity to home. I signed Hoshi up for another class. I’d like to reinforce some of the skills Hoshi has learned so far. Gina, Hoshi has received much praise for his pleasant demeanor and cuteness! They are surprised how sociable he is for a cocker spaniel. 😕


I gave Hoshi a haircut this week really trimming back his legs. They look choppy. We were pleased with his face and topknot. I think I shaved too much of butt because it doesn’t match the longer hair on his legs. I tried blending it–learn as you go. I’ll take pictures when I have a chance. It took me all afternoon to finish his trim. I think it well go much faster once I get the hang of it plus his hair won’t be so tangled. I’m getting the hang of using the table arm and loops. Hoshi HATES having his face trimmed–It’s a wrestling match every time!


I was wondering if Hoshi would ever pee like big dog. Yup! Now he’s marking (inside too) like he’s discovered a new toy. He does it whenever he’s excited so I’m going to work on confining him and remedial house training.