Update on Hoshi

He went to the vet yesterday and weighs 23.5lbs. My hefty boy! Now he’s up to date on all his vaccinations and had his nails trimmed. The tech said they were a little long. I haven’t been clipping them. I never clipped Gabby’s nails because they never needed it with all the walks he had. We are going to try FortiFlora to see if his stools firm up. I just haven’t figured out what to put it in.

Hoshi was funny yesterday. I was walking him and we past a lawn care van. It had a life-size decal of a man fertilizing the grass. Hoshi saw him and backed away. He stared at the van and started barking. Even two to three houses away, Hoshi continued to bark at the van. At the vet they had a tissue dispenser in the shape of a small dog. Hoshi had to examine it to see if it was friendly.