Hoshi got sick from cheese

Cheese used to be Hoshi’s favorite treat. Not anymore! He still loves it but I won’t give him any. I was making myself lunch and Hoshi saw me take out the cheese. He begged right away since he loves it. It was cheddar I think. I cut him a small piece and gave it to him. The next day he had diarrhea. He had diarrhea for several days and was miserable. Days later, I was cleaning his butt (it was all poopied). His but was RAW. Very Raw. He must have been scooting or licking–not sure. I felt so bad for him. It took about a week for the diarrhea clear up. His rear started to look better too. I gave him Benadryl. I think it helped.

Hoshi had his bath and trim yesterday. I was tempted to shave him down after all the trouble he had been having but didn’t since it’s so cold out.