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Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

The owner has now been identified as Mary Brodersen (Broderson?). Police executed a search warrant at her rural farm, 3975 Dean Avenue, Kiron, Iowa, yesterday morning. Ninety-two dogs were found (5 were dead) stacked upon each other in a small shed. “They were stacked three high so the excrement from the animals above would run or dribble down through on top of the dogs below,” said Jerry Dominicak with the Siouxland Humane Society.

In September of 2007, Mary Brodersen of Kiron, Iowa was fined $500 by the Platte Valley Kennel Club and suspended from the American Kennel Club for three months for “disregard of published club regulations and neglect at/or in connection with an event.” Brodersen, owner of Mystical Cockers, has competed at several events and owns or has owned the following cocker spaniels:

  • Mystical’s Absolute Legacy
  • NV’s Wyld Thang
  • Mystical’s Moon Struck Legacy
  • Mystcial’s Silver Lining Legacy
  • Mystical’s Butterfly Kisses
  • CH. Caroling’s Stun N Stammer EM
  • NV’s Time to Shyne
  • Mystical’s Tri My Dream

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This is heartbreaking, not to mention my blood pressure rate just shot up to stroke levels. I hope this woman is never allowed to own another animal of any kind. Those poor Cockers…..thank God they got them out of there.

Unfortunately this is going on all over the country as our government will not impose regulations requiring licensing of breeders, nor will they enforce punishments that meet the degree of this type of crime. The public continues to buy from breeders as they are uninformed and ignorant of the atrocities committed against these defenseless animals by humans that are less than humane. We rescue dogs just like these every day that are dumped at shelters like trash by breeders that have “used them up”. Some worse, they just shoot the dogs and are done with them. Shame on us all for letting this continue…


Is there any updates?
I have been asking the ASC membership if the Foundation is getting money to the folks who are helping the dogs and so far…no one has replied to me.
I want to canvass up here in Canada to have Donations sent to the ASC Rescue only IF they are helping.

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