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Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

Rescued cocker matted in feces
Rescued cocker matted in feces
Yesterday, Mary Jean Brodersen (44) was charged with 93 counts of animal neglect by the Sac County Court related to the seizure of 87 cocker spaniels on January 25th from her farm in Kiron, Iowa. Eighty-eight of the charges were simple misdemeanors while 5 were serious misdemeanors (5 cocker spaniels died). Brodersen will be back in court February 24th. She has not been arrested.

Some of the 87 cocker spaniels have already been adopted. There are 15 cocker spaniels at the Cedar Valley Humane Society in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They aren’t accepting applications just yet. Spokeswoman Jan Clarke said, “They seem surprisingly social for what they’ve been through but we’re guessing after they’ve been poked and prodded — just like anybody, any person — they need a little time to recover from that.”

One of the pregnant cocker spaniels at the Cedar Rapids Humane Society delivered six puppies last Sunday. Also, one of the cockers at the Boone Area Humane Society gave birth to three puppies.