Hoshi 1 Week Later

Hoshi Discovers the Refrigerator
Hoshi Discovers the Refrigerator
Gina emailed me and asked how our boy was doing. That was nice of her. He’s doing great. I just walked him and Gabby around the block. Hoshi is still getting used to the leash. I get dizzy watching this dog sometimes. He’s everywhere all at once. Hoshi wants to play with Gabby. Gabby doesn’t want to. He gives Hoshi a loud WOOF: Translation: Go away kid. You bother me!. He has a cute puppy voice–little yawns, cries, and growls. He loves to wake up Gabby from a sound sleep. We’ve been confining him to the family room and kitchen so Gabby can get some rest.

Hoshi must be part PIRANHA. Those lil teethies are busy 24 hrs a day. He gave me a love bite on the ear a few days ago. Hoshi just showed up at the refrigerator one day. I took a picture of him. He wants the shredded cheddar cheese.