Hoshi was sick today :(

Hoshi is feeling better this evening but had me worried this afternoon. I woke up around 1:00pm and took Hoshi out to potty. He wasn’t himself at all. He wasn’t playful. His nose was dry. He just laid listless on the grass. Worse, he had a pitiful look in his eyes. I took him inside and he didn’t want to eat or drink. That really had me worried! I took him to the vet and they did blood work and x-rays. You should have heard his pitiful little cries when they poked him for blood. Then they stuck an cotton swab up his butt for a parvo test: he cried with that too. The vet said his x-ray looked okay. He had a high white blood cell count which might mean infection. She thinks he might have a bladder infection. He didn’t have a fever though. She wasn’t able to get a urine specimen to confirm it but I mentioned he seems to be peeing quite often, little dribbles sometimes.

The vet said to feed him whatever he wants just to get him to eat. He just ate 1/2 can tuna cat food! I was surprised and relieved he’s eating and drinking again. He’s more perky too. He’s sleeping with my mom right now.