Heartworm Negative!

The vet’s office called back and let us know his heart worm test was negative. Last year, Gabby came up positive. Maybe cause I started him so late or maybe I forgot a month. Last year was a complete fiasco. His cardiologist wanted him to have the heart worm shot. His regular vet said he was an old dog and would probably die of something else before heart worms. Well, Gabby had the heart worm shot and almost died. I had to rush him to OVRS because Gabby was about to stop breathing on me and his regular vet didn’t have a clue. Gabby spent the weekend in their ICU on oxygen and IV fluids. OVRS even called at one point and told me it didn’t look good asking me what to do if Gabby stopped breathing. Gabby pulled through and NO MORE HEARTWORM SHOTS.

The office also said the BUN was 50. That’s high but they said it was just about the same as last time and they weren’t concerned as long as he was doing well.


Gabby’s Cardiology Appointment

Gabby saw his cardiologist this morning. He’s being treated for mitral valve disease and an enlarged heart. Good news! Gabby did well today. He had an EKG, ultrasound of his heart, blood work, and a chest x-ray. The blood work hasn’t come back but the cardiologist was pleased with his chest x-ray, ultrasound, and EKG. She says little has changed since last year. She was pleased with his EKG because last year he began having an irregular fast heartbeat. She wants to see us in August or September and keep an eye on his cough in the meantime. These are Gabby’s heart medications.

  1. Lasix 40mg twice daily: (water pill) treats fluid in his lungs
  2. Aldactone 12.5mg twice daily: (water pill) inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  3. Vasotec 5mg twice daily (blood pressure pill) reduces his blood pressure and inhibits hormones that contribute to his heart failure
  4. Digoxin 125mcg twice daily (antiarrythmic) treats his irregular fast heartbeat

Gabby At Huroc Park

Gabby, Huron Park
Gabby, Huroc Park
Gabby went with us on errands yesterday and we stopped at Huroc Park in Flat Rock, MI for a potty break. It was cold and windy. Gabby was excited and wanted to explore. He hasn’t been there for a while. His bad legs started to bother him so we cut our stop short. Here he is drinking water from Huron River.


What Gabby Did Today

Gabby came along with us to Toledo on an errand. We stopped along I-75 so Gabby could stretch his legs. He had a few morsels of omelet from IHOP although I really shouldn’t have. Gabby’s pills make him thirsty so he helped himself to some pond water. My mom was with us and walked him.


About Gentleman Gabby Galaxy

Gabby lying on grass
Gabby, July 6, 2007
Breed: American cocker spaniel
Sex: Male
Birthday: 6/25/94
Died: 11/18/09 (15yrs old)
Location: SE Michigan
Links: Gabby’s Page, Photobucket, Youtube

The idea of a pet

In the spring of 1994, my wife Cathy wanted a puppy companion. She spent most of her time confined to our apartment because of her broken bones. I spent most of my time working or sleeping. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of having a dog. I was more of a cat person. I half-heartedly entertained the idea of getting a small dog like a toy collie since we lived in an apartment. My wife surprised me when she said, “I bought a puppy.” I never agreed on the idea, plus she took a cash advance on my credit card to make this expensive purchase. At the time we were seriously in debt.

Meeting Gabby

We drove out to the breeder in a rural area of Southern Michigan to pick up Gabby. Cathy had already picked out Gabby on a previous visit. We looked at the puppies. I picked up a female puppy. She was adorable and tolerated being held. But my wife said that wasn’t Gabby. I picked up Gabby who wasn’t as adorable and didn’t like being held. Gabby squirmed in my hand and cried to be let go. I read somewhere that such behaviors were unfavorable in choosing a puppy and I told my wife so. She said the other puppies were already sold. We took Gabby home. Gabby cried terribly for the first couple of nights. He missed his mother and siblings. Later we found out Gabby was infested with fleas and worms which casts doubt in the care of his previous owners.

Gabby as a puppy

Gabby could barely walk when we got him. He wobbled around the apartment tripping over his own feet. Weeks later when Cathy had major surgery I had to take care of Gabby. As I spent more time taking care of Gabby we really bonded. I would look forward to playing with him when I got home from work. As soon as I got home, Gabby would greet me at the door by jumping on me and peeing on the floor. Soon, I was taking him for walks outside. As Gabby grew months older, he became steady on his feet and was running everywhere including the woods behind our apartment.

More to follow…