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Cocker thrown from car: Woman charged

I have been covering this story since March 19th.  Fifty-six year old Maximina Shelton has been charged with animal cruelty in the case of the cocker thrown from a moving car.  She and her husband tossed their cocker spaniel named Puddles from a 1985 green Buick LeSabre on March 18, 2011.  The vehicle had been identified thanks to witness description.  The Sheltons said they tossed Puddles from the car to get rid of her.  Puddles was renamed Bambi by the Shamrock Pet Foundation.  Bambi has kept her sweet disposition despite sustaining multiple fractures from the abuse done to her.  Sadly animal cruelty only carries a misdemeanor charge in Indiana.

Dog News

Oklahoma woman assaulted by dog abuser

Yorkie choked by owner: KFOR News
An Oklahoma woman who witnessed an alcoholic vagrant choke his Yorkie was assaulted after confronting him. It bothers me when I see irresponsible people with dogs such as this one. They can’t even care for themselves yet they have pets. I have no compassion for these individuals. If you do witness someone abusing a pet please do not confront them. This man was obviously intoxicated and not safe to approach. Call the police and photograph them or make a video recording.