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Queens, NY woman beaten for cocker spaniel

Ginger photo by Lora Panossian
Ginger photo by Lora Panossian

On June 28th around 10pm,  Lora Panossian was walking her 5 year-old cocker spaniel Ginger in Chrocheron Park.  Two men approached Panossian taking interest in Ginger.  “They were friendly…asking questions about my dog, so I didn’t think anything of it.”  While one man petted Ginger the other “sucker” punched Panossian in the stomach.  She collapsed from the blow while the two men made off with Ginger.

Sadly, Ginger’s body was discovered two days later in a pond.  Panossian felt traumatized by the incident and was unable to work.  “It’s a safe area. I’m completely blown away that this happened,” she said.