Cocker spaniel thrown from car

Payton recovering from injuries. Photo: Arizona Humane Society
A five-month-old buff cocker spaniel is recovering at Second Chance Animal Hospital in Arizona with a broken leg and many broken teeth. An Arizona Humane Society (AHS) employee brought Payton, the cocker spaniel, in for treatment after a bystander reported seeing the dog being thrown from a car on Interstate 17 on or about August 17, 2011. Once released from the hospital, Payton will finish her recovery in foster care then hopefully find a loving home. The AHS is asking their Facebook friends to donate $5.00 to help Payton and other needy animals in their care. AHS on Facebook


  1. I’m looking for a cocker to adopt. Young buff female. please let me know more about Payton. Is she going to be adoptable? We are a cocker family. our last to dogs were rescure cockers. Thanks for your help. Deborah Forth

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